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As an experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist in Plymouth, I’ve been privileged to see hundreds of people transform their lives for the better. When people overcome their difficulties, they don’t just gain a happier, calmer mindset, they become more confident, more energised and more focused on the things that really matter to them. They become free to choose more of the life they want to lead. I believe the same is possible for you too. Using a gentle and effective approach, I’ll focus on what you want to achieve so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling and happier life.

Common conditions I help with…


Clinical supervision

I offer one-to-one supervision for counsellors and hypnotherapists at my practice in Plymouth. I also offer online supervision via Zoom. Supervision gives therapists a chance to stand back and reflect on their professional practice to ensure they are working effectively, safely and ethically with their clients. Supervision is an ethical requirement for all counsellors and hypnotherapists.


What my clients say…

Without Carolyn I would still be living a half life…

When I first saw Carolyn I was depressed, anxious and bogged down with my OCD. But steadily with Carolyn to help and support, I managed to see a different way of living. I managed to stop my compulsions, and control my Intrusive thoughts. I have a freedom in my mind that I didn’t think I’d ever have. I saw many different counsellors and therapists with little results, but Carolyn clicked with me straight away. She has great empathy, listening awareness, and has the skill of knowing exactly where I was coming from. She also knows her field thoroughly and is highly qualified, along with being the most caring natured. Without Carolyn I would still be living a half life, instead of having the freedom to be creative. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone that suffers with any ailment.
Chris Chant
Counselling Client

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