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Audio Downloads

Important: To get the best out of these audio downloads, please find a comfortable place to sit or lie down where you won’t be interrupted.  Do not use whilst driving, operating machinery or doing anything else that requires your full attention. Do not use if you suffer with psychosis, or certain types of personality disorder, as it could make your condition worse. Always consult your doctor before starting any complementary therapy.  Carolyn Gillan accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of these audio hypnosis sessions.

Protecting your privacy: For an improved user experience, these audio tracks are played using an embedded player from SoundCloud. These players use cookies to collect usage data for analytics purposes. Please read SoundCloud’s Cookies policy before listening to or downloading the tracks to ensure that you are happy with how SoundCloud collects and processes your data. You can read my Privacy Notice here.

Relaxation for Bedtime

This relaxation track will help you unwind and relax as you go to sleep so that you can enjoy a great night’s rest. The more you use it, the better the results!

Hypnosis for chronic pain

This hypnosis track is designed to help you manage any physical discomfort more effectively. As your perception of discomfort is dialled down, you’ll feel greater physical comfort and mental calmness.

Hypnosis for childbirth

This hypnosis track is designed to help you become relaxed, calm and confident in preparation for and during childbirth. For maximum benefit, listen to it regularly for several weeks before you are due to give birth.